10:51 AM

Working From Home for the Long Haul? Get the Ergonomics Right

The Wall Street Journal shares ergonomic tips and tricks to properly position your desk, chair, computer monitor and phone when working from home, according to HSS body mechanics coordinator, Jon Cinkay, PT.

For instance, your eyes should be level with the top of the monitor. Books or reams of printer paper can be used to lift the monitor without straining your neck. “Get creative. There’s something at home so you can have the monitor at eye level and within arm’s reach,” said Cinkay. Additionally, sit in a chair with arms only if it keeps your elbows close to your body. Because the arms on a dining-room chair, aren’t adjustable, “your elbows are flared out like chicken wings, meaning you’re working some muscles more than you should,” explained Cinkay.

Read the article at WSJ.com. This article also appeared in print on May 1, 2020.