10:38 AM

Women in orthopedics may receive fewer consulting, royalty industry payments than men

Orthopedics Today reports on the results of a study led by HSS foot and ankle surgeon,  Anne Holland Johnson, MD, indicating female orthopedic surgeons received fewer consulting royalty payments from industry and for smaller monetary amounts than their male colleagues.

Dr. Johnson and colleagues used CMS data to query all payments from the medical industry to orthopedic surgeons from January 2016 to December 2017. Results were filtered to analyze consulting fees, royalties or licensing fees, only, and determined a physician’s orthopedic practice location, subspecialty and gender by performing an online search using the surgeon’s first and last names.

“Our study highlights further gender inequities within the workforce; in this case, we found that male orthopedic surgeons receive disproportionally more and higher royalty and consulting fees compared with female orthopedic surgeons,” said Dr. Johnson. “As the number of women in this field grows, we must continue to strive for equal opportunities for all based on experience, quality of care and expertise rather than gender or race. This goal can be achieved by inviting every person to the table and expanding networks that are open to everyone,” she added.

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