20:45 PM

Tips for Exercising When You Have Osteoarthritis

U.S. News & World Report reports exercise can help with managing osteoarthritis, as per expert-recommended guidelines.

U.S. News & World Report spoke to William Behrns PT, DPT, OCS, physical therapist at HSS, who advised those with joint disease to begin with low impact workouts. "I would recommend starting with lower-impact exercises and gradually progress based on how you feel," said Behrns.

Use of full range of motion is permitted (as long as its pain free); any movement, no matter how brief, counts toward daily activity goals; and moving based on how your body feels and adjusting your routine as necessary are key. “If you move forward based on how your body feels – rather than what you're used to or what you expect your body to do now – you'll be far better off,” cited Behrns.

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