14:04 PM

Why you can’t wear yoga clothes in an MRI: The fibers may burn your skin

The Washington Post reports that some workout clothes include metal fibers that can pose a burn risk when getting an MRI. Hollis G. Potter, MD, Chairman, Department of Radiology and Imaging, at HSS discusses these risks and what people should know about MRI safety. 

“It’s like putting your skin up against a hot plate,” said Dr. Potter. 

Dr. Potter said that MRIs aren’t supposed to be painful, so anyone who feels discomfort during a scan should alert medical staff right away.

Some MRI facilities may not ask you to fully gown up, either because technicians aren’t aware of the potential risks metallic fibers pose or they aren’t convinced the risk is serious enough, Dr. Potter explained. In those cases, take your safety into your own hands and request a gown to change into.

“MR is an amazing diagnostic tool, but we have to respect the science and technology behind it,” Potter said.

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