15:11 PM

Why This Sports Medicine Doc Says You Shouldn’t Take Anti-Inflammatories Before Working Out

Well + Good reports on the safety of taking anti-inflammatories before working out according to experts including HSS sports medicine physician Todd McGrath, MD.

“There is a thought that NSAIDS [or anti-inflammatories] may alter the discomfort associated with exercise and thus improve exercise performance; however, this is not true,” said Dr. McGrath. “The pathway by which exercise-induced muscle soreness happens is not significantly altered by NSAIDS." More importantly, he added, there's some evidence that NSAIDS can actually have a negative effect on muscle growth and adaption to exercise.

Dr. McGrath explains five reasons why taking anti-inflammatories before working out is unsafe: they disrupt the body's natural healing process; increase inflammation in the body; can decrease blood flow to the kidneys; alter the blood's ability to clot; and use during exercise has been linked to an increased risk of heart attack and sudden cardiac fatality.

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