18:27 PM

When Your Energy Is Slumping, Is It Better To Nap or Get Moving?

Well + Good discusses the benefits of both sleep and exercise to sustaining short and long-term energy levels and includes guidance from Todd McGrath, MD, sports medicine physician at HSS.

According to Dr. McGrath, when it comes to determining whether to sleep or exercise for more energy, it’s less a question of either/or and more a matter of both.

However, Dr. McGrath noted, “The body doesn’t function without sleep.”

“The benefits of exercise are significantly limited if your body isn’t rested enough to recover from the exercise,” he added.

Dr. McGrath explained the endorphin release from physical activity helps you feel a little bit more awake right away.

He said, “In the long-term, regular exercise, particularly aerobic exercise (though resistance exercise is also important), increases cellular metabolism, which helps you process and formulate energy a little better on a molecular system scale, so you feel a little bit more energized throughout the day.”

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