22:29 PM

WEBINAR: Medical Experts Offer Advice For Spring Lacrosse Play

HSS sports medicine surgeon Karen M. Sutton, MD and others participate in a webinar hosted by US Lacrosse, providing guidance to help the lacrosse community navigate a safe return to the field during the pandemic for the spring season.

“The data is telling us that playing the sport of lacrosse outside has been very safe,” said Dr. Sutton. “We have not seen transmission of the virus while playing outside. What mainly concerns us is transmission that happens outside of the playing field. Carpooling, spectating, sharing food, and lounging together indoors pose greater risks.” She added, “If players are wearing masks on the field as they play, it’s important that they don’t retain a lot of moisture," advising players to carry multiple masks with them to change into if they get full of sweat.

The panel noted that it may be premature to assume that the COVID-19 vaccine would make a significant impact this spring. “What the vaccine does is to help with herd immunity,” explained Dr. Sutton. “It’s not going to change a lot in the spring season, and maybe the summer. Where we may really see changes is in the fall and winter. The vaccine does take some time to get working. We will also need to have more people with the vaccine before we are going to show true changes.”

Using fun as the main focal point, rather than competitive measures, is important as young athletes return to the field. “I think the coolest thing for kids is just seeing their friends again,” cited Dr. Sutton. “As parents, we should take that into perspective. Who scored goals, or even the wins and losses, let’s try to keep that at bay. Let’s just show gratitude for being back on the field.”

This webinar originally appeared on USlacrosse.org.