13:36 PM

Ways to ease painful joints caused by osteoarthritis

The Washington Post discusses ways to ease painful joints caused by osteoarthritis according to experts including Heidi Prather, DO, physiatrist at HSS.

According to Dr. Prather, a number of lifestyle and other nondrug treatments can help ease symptoms — and prevent OA from progressing. “Sleep is crucial to pain perception,” noted Dr. Prather. Insufficient sleep time can reduce the levels of neurotransmitters — feel-good brain chemicals that can help blunt pain, she explained.

Additionally, a Mediterranean-style diet, which is rich in produce, whole grains, seafood, beans and nuts. A high-sugar diet may negatively affect the gut microbiome, according to a study published in the journal PLOS One in 2021. And “your gut makes most of your body’s serotonin, a brain chemical that boosts mood and makes it easier for you to tolerate pain,” said Dr. Prather.

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