04:12 AM

VIDEO: Artificial Intelligence For MRI Helps Overcome Backlog of Exams Due to COVID

Imaging Technology News features Darryl B. Sneag, MD, director, Peripheral Nerve, MRI, at HSS, in a video interview explaining how artificial intelligence (AI) for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) reconstruction algorithms has cut imaging times by 50%, enabling HSS to care for the same number of patients prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.

HSS has 19 GE Healthcare MRI scanners and uses the Air Recon DL AI image reconstruction algorithm. Dr. Sneag explained the algorithm has significantly helped with patient throughput and enhanced image quality. “What we pride ourselves on at HSS in particularly my line of work is providing very high quality images. What we’ve been able to do is implement Air Recon DL to actually speed up the cases, and not only to maintain but improve image quality.”

He continued, “The way we do this is by acquiring typically what would seem to be lower signal to noise ratio (SNR) images, put it through the Air Recon DL algorithm, the raw data, and it then spits out higher quality images.”

Watch the full interview at Itnonline.com.