11:26 AM

Try These 7 Essential Tips to Run a Smarter Marathon

Muscle and Fitness discusses smart marathon training tips to avoid injury and maximize performance, and features guidance from HSS physical therapist Catherine Wysin, PT, DPT, who completed three TCS NYC Marathons and the Bank of America Chicago Marathon.

Wysin explained how to build up a base, citing “A principle I would follow, for anyone considering taking on a marathon is to ‘Build your Base.’ Ensure that your body can tackle longer runs by building up to the 26.2 full marathon milestone. A marathon distance is not only physically demanding, but mentally as well. Familiarize yourself with three miles and six miles, and get a half marathon (13.1 miles) under your belt. The half marathon forces you to follow a set training plan, and introduces you to long runs.”

Wysin recommended adding variety to training. “A good training plan should be a combination of different types of runs. Include regular runs, speed training, hills, and a weekly long run that increases in distance each week.”

She continued, “Cross training and strength training should also be a part of a good marathon preparation plan. Both are important, not only to build strength and aid with cardiovascular endurance, but also to decrease the risk of injury.”

Wysin also advised on foods to avoid leading up to race day and foods that fuel. “The best pre-race breakfast should consist mainly of carbohydrates. They’re digested most rapidly and are your body’s preferred fuel source. Small amounts of protein will help ward off hunger in those later miles,” she noted.

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