14:53 PM

Todd Albert, M.D., Perspective and Irrepressible Optimism

Orthopedics This Week speaks with Todd J. Albert, MD, spine surgeon at HSS, who discussed his career path, the mentorship of next generation surgeons and the future in orthopedics.

“I always say that I will die of optimism, but I truly believe that mentorship in orthopedics is improving. From the perspective of our national societies both the American Orthopaedic Association and the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons are very interested in fostering mentorship and have added related programs. At HSS we have increasingly tried to intertwine mentorship opportunities into our traditional training. For example, we have developed a leadership curriculum and support for those early career surgeons who want to participate in a travelling fellowship," explained Dr. Albert. 

He continued, “I derive a great deal of satisfaction from guiding younger members at our institution in terms of spine, orthopedics and where HSS should be going. Also intellectually stimulating is my fairly recent involvement with private equity. These investors have turned their sights on orthopedics and want to partner with individuals, practices and services and be on board as our field grows.”

Furthermore, Dr. Albert noted, “The burden of orthopedic disease is exploding thanks to the worldwide aging population and other factors. I am concerned about the potential homogenization of orthopedics. Because of all of the consolidation that is occurring due to outside pressures, I fear that we will no longer recognize and cultivate excellence.” He concluded, “I think that we must value talent differently. If an institution is determined to achieve a bigger footprint, but then it stops honoring the individuals who are superstars then that is troublesome.”

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