09:21 AM

’Tis the Season for Running Injuries. Here’s How to Avoid Them.

The New York Times features an article written by HSS sports medicine physician Jordan D. Metzl, MD, on how to prevent running injuries.

Dr. Metzl emphasized the importance of not doing too much, too fast, whether marathon training, preparing for a walking event, or just trying to meet a particular running goal. As demonstrated in a study published by he and his colleagues in the British Journal of Sports Medicine evaluating the risk factors for injury in runners training for the New York City Marathon, of all modifiable factors (e.g., body weight or number of marathons completed), the strongest predictor of injury was rapidly increasing training miles. This was true for novices to experienced runners. Dr. Metzl advised runners of all ability levels to create an individual training program that focuses on slow, steady progression.

Additionally, he noted to pay attention to aches and pains, stating if pain alters the mechanics of movement, it should be checked out. Furthermore, Dr. Metzl suggested keeping the muscles strong by engaging in high repetition, light weight strength training, and finding comfortable running shoes.

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