22:42 PM

This Is Your Funny Bone—and Why Hitting It Hurts So Much

Experts including Steve K. Lee, MD, chief of the Hand and Upper Extremity Service at HSS, provide insights on the “funny bone” - the ulnar nerve behind the elbow.

For the best elbow and ulnar nerve health, Dr. Lee suggested to “avoid keeping your elbow bent for a long time, as that increases the pressure on the nerve.” While you can’t always control the position you roll into at night when sleeping, ideally you would not sleep with your elbow bent, said Dr. Lee. He explained that sleeping with a flexed elbow stretches and irritates the nerve, and there are arm braces available for purchase to hold the elbow in the correct position.

Ulnar nerve pain can be treated with home remedies like bracing, special exercises, and taking nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). In some cases that don’t respond to conservative treatment may require an operation. If you have chronic problems with this nerve, there is a surgery that can move this nerve to the front of your elbow, said Dr. Lee. “It’s a same-day surgery, and we find it helps relieve symptoms.”

If you have persistent numbness and tingling in your ring and small fingers, pain in the inner part of your elbow that gets worse when you bend it, or weakness or a loss of muscle in your hand, Dr. Lee advised to see a doctor.

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