03:58 AM

The role of robotics in total knee replacements

The Palm Beach Post’s “Ask the Expert” column features Martin W. Roche, MD, knee surgeon and director of Hip and Knee Arthroplasty at HSS Florida, discussing the role of robotics in total knee replacements.

Dr. Roche explained robotics bring the most advanced computing technology into the surgeon’s operating room, enabling the surgeon to perform total knee replacements with unparalleled safety and accuracy.

The need for knee replacements is increasing rapidly every year, as patients live active lifestyles through retirement, and younger patients require surgery more often. Dr. Roche noted robotics improves the chances for all patients to have better technical outcomes and enables implants to last over 20 years. Surgeons utilizing robotics can individualize the surgery to match the patient's lifestyle, allowing them to resume activities including tennis, golf, pickle ball, cycling, swimming and hiking. With improved accuracy, newer implants that allow the bone to grow into them can be used, and new designs will enable surgeons to retain all of the ligaments.

According to Dr. Roche, “smart implants” with embedded sensors will soon allow surgeons to check on patients’ knee replacements from anywhere in the world. These technologies are enabling select patients to undergo surgery in an outpatient setting, walk one hour after the procedure and go home safely the same day.

This article appeared in the print edition on March 7, 2021.