10:13 AM

The Path to Digital Pathology: Learning from Hospital for Special Surgery’s Journey

HealthImaging discusses the digital pathology program at HSS led by Thomas W. Bauer, MD, PhD, pathologist-in-chief, centered around the research and consultation and dawning with primary diagnostics. Dr. Bauer and his colleagues are focused on pushing digital pathology across the HSS enterprise, by sharing images of selected cases, and anticipate rolling out interpretation of a limited number of scanned pathology images for diagnosis sometime this fall. A full range of primary diagnostic services will begin in early 2021.

“Allowing surgeons, radiologists, and other physicians to confer with pathology while viewing images wherever they are has a very positive effect on patient care,” explained Dr. Bauer. “Access to digital pathology images, side by side with radiology images in the same system, enables more efficient discussions and the ability to give detailed descriptions of findings in complex cases.”

HSS hip and knee surgeon Alejandro Gonzalez Della Valle, MD, is on board with the benefits of rad-path convergence. “The ability of interacting live with the pathologist will likely allow the orthopedic surgeon to gain a deeper understanding of pathology,” he noted.

HSS radiologist Douglas N. Mintz, MD, echoed his colleagues, adding, “I see this collaboration of care offering a new clarity of findings, a confirmation among the physicians conferring, and expedited and appropriate care for patients.”

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