09:06 AM

The long road ahead for Blazers' Zach Collins

Portland Tribune reports on Portland Trail Blazers' Zach Collins who underwent surgery to repair a torn labrum.

Joshua S. Dines, MD, sports medicine surgeon at HSS, who has not treated Collins, explains that recuperation takes time.

"There are subtleties with each case," Dr. Dines said. "But with the typical recovery, the first four to six weeks go slow, with gentle movements (allowed). By three months, the patient feels 75 percent better. Between four and six months, he can return to full activity and get to the point where he feels like he didn't have surgery."

Dr. Dines also noted that NBA players need to do cardio work before returning to the court. With a shoulder injury, Collins would be able to do lower-extremity workouts throughout the recovery process to help get back into playing shape.

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