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Targeting Key Protein in Inflammation Could Prevent Lupus Kidney Damage, Study Suggests

HSS researchers found that suppressing the inflammatory protein iRhom2 reduced inflammation and prevented kidney damage in those with lupus, Lupus News Today reported.

Findings indicated that the protein ADAM17 plays a key role in inflammatory disorders, and iRhom2 regulates the production of the ADAM17 protein.

"They separate out the protective and pro-inflammatory functions of the gene. iRhom2 is meant to immediately respond to bacterial invaders by activating ADAM17," said HSS senior scientist and co-senior study author Carl Blobel, MD, PhD.

"A mechanism to block or inhibit iRhom2 would inhibit two key pathways for renal [kidney] injury in patients with lupus without significant side effects," said HSS rheumatologist and co-senior study author Jane E. Salmon, MD.

According to the article, this approach could be the basis of new treatments for kidney damage in lupus patients.

"From a medical point of view, that's what makes this approach so attractive," said Xiaoping Qing, MD, PhD, the study's first author.

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