16:58 PM

Medical Breakthroughs In Sports Rehabilitation

In a recent podcast episode of ‘Sideline Data’, League Apps interviews Jessica Hettler, PT, DPT, MHA, ATC, SCS, OCS, Cert. MDT, sports rehabilitation at HSS on the technological advancements and trends within the sports rehabilitation industry.

“I can speak over my last 10 years at HSS, if I look at that small snapshot of where we come, we’re continuing to scratch the surface when it comes to advancing our current technologies. The unfortunate thing is there are some things we can’t change, such as the tissue that we’re working with. Younger tissue will heal a little bit faster. Older tissue may not be the best quality tissue, but we always look to strive for the best outcome for our patient. I think with technologies, they’re advancing. I do not think we’re close to closing in on limits. Over the last 5 years we’ve seen a lot of growth when it comes to new devices to work with strength without having to load; working on how to do soft tissue techniques - there are a million different ways and instruments that you can use to help assist with that so you’re not wearing out your hands.”

“There are two or three devices that a lot of myself and my colleagues use here to work with our patients. When it comes to instrumented soft tissue techniques, utilization of Graston tools to help us work on soft tissue where we’re not stressing our hands and fingertips while getting different techniques and strokes in order to achieve different results. That’s one. Also, the use of cupping at times can improve blood flow, circulation and again soft tissue mobilization. We also see the use of anti-gravity treadmills here and the use of hydrotherapy.”

Listen to the full interview at LeagueApps.com.