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Sideline Data - Mental Health In Youth Sports

Just as the emphasis on nutrition, strength and conditioning, and private coaching has filtered down from the professional ranks to the youth space, so too has the burgeoning field of mental health performance. 

Julia Kim, PhD, a clinical psychologist at Hospital for Special Surgery, was interviewed by Sideline Data to enlighten us on mental health as it relates to youth athletes

“The way our body works is connected to our mind, it’s connected to our emotions. So if you want to optimize your performance, it’s really the synergy of your mind, body and emotions working together,” Dr. Kim said.  

“Being able to be in control of your thoughts, know how you feel, and being able to use that to enhance physical performance is really the best way to go,” she adds.

Dr. Kim notes that adolescents go through a lot of changes. Their bodies are changing, they are becoming more independent, and that could provoke anxiety. Add sports to the mix, and they now are having to compete, they are wanting to do their best and they’re seeking to please others, and this can also cause anxiety. Having someone to talk to and help them work through their issues can help them up their game, Dr. Kim said. 

Listen to the full interview at LeagueApps.com.