13:27 PM

Should you let your child quit a sport? Why making kids 'stick it out' isn't always the best option.

Yahoo! Life interviews Julia M. Kim, PhD, clinical psychologist at HSS, about what parents can do when a child wants to a quit a sport.

“Being empathic and interested in what [your child's] experience has been can help open the door to a meaningful discussion,” said Dr. Kim. "Insisting they not quit or being defensive will shut them down,” she noted.

For parents who love watching their kids play, the thought of them quitting can be a hard pill to swallow. "The emotional lines can become blurry," said Dr. Kim, stating that's normal. She continued, "I think a parent's pride is understandably involved," however advised, "But, do not allow your own wants and needs to determine the solution to your child's dilemma."

Remember any challenge life throws at your child is an opportunity to model good behavior and help them grow into a responsible, healthy adult. Dr. Kim pointed out that "kids learn how to resolve problems and conflicts by parents and other adults," adding it's important to show them the way with patience, love and an open mind.

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