17:21 PM

I Ran 45 Miles In the African Serengeti Surrounded By Wildlife and Armed Guards

Shape.com social editor Marietta Alessi documents her experience training for a 56-mile, multi-day race in Serengeti Africa.

As part of her training, Alessi engaged Polly de Mille RN, MA, RCEP, CSCS, USAT, director, Tisch Sports Performance Center at HSS, to participate in a VO2 max test and gait analysis to evaluate her form and breathing technique. Following, Pamela Geisel, MS, CSCS, exercise physiologist at HSS developed a 7.5-week training program based on Alessi’s test results. This routine included boxing, cycling, strength training, and tempo runs. Geisel noted the most important was to get Alessi on her feet as much as possible. "A typical marathon training program is 16-20 weeks long with a solid running base," said Geisel. In addition, Geisel provided step goals for Alessi to reach – first 14,000, then 16,000, and finally 30,000 steps a day. "The key isn't speed, but endurance," cited Geisel.

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