12:36 PM

Seaford Student Fighting Lupus Helps Hospital Patients

Newsday highlights a Seaford high school student who was diagnosed with lupus during her sophomore year and her journey to help others experiencing the same thing. 

After her diagnosis, she came to HSS and credits pediatric rheumatologist Sarah Faith Taber, MD for changing her regimen and getting her back to where she was able to participate in sports again and live a normal life.

Dr. Taber recommended her for Make-A Wish, which was granted her senior year allowing her to travel to Rome and meet Pope Francis. In 2021, she was approached by the Make-A-Wish Alumni program to host their gala, which she accepted. 

“Just being able to represent Make-A-Wish, tell my story and benefit other kids that are going through that process meant a lot.” she said. 

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