10:07 AM

Scleroderma and Pregnancy

Arthritis Foundation discusses considerations for pregnancy planning when living with scleroderma according to HSS rheumatologist Lisa R. Sammaritano, MD.

While a diagnosis of scleroderma certainly brings challenges to pregnancy, proper planning and prenatal care can help ensure the best possible outcomes for the mother and baby, said Dr. Sammaritano. When planning for pregnancy, it is important to wait at least three years after receiving a diagnosis to become pregnant, as the course of the disease can be unpredictable and flares are more likely. Dr. Sammaritano recommended discussing any family planning issues with a rheumatologist early on, as pre-planning will allow the patient and their physician to make sure disease activity is low while on pregnancy-compatible medications. “This process can take some time, since changing a medication means giving it several months to make sure that it works and doesn’t cause side effects,” she explained.

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