12:21 PM

Same-day Total Joints Set to Surge

Outpatient Surgery Magazine discusses the future of same-day total joint replacement programs, and elements to set up these programs up for long-term success, according to experts including HSS chief of knee service, Steven B. Haas, MD.

As patient selection is a top consideration for the success of outpatient total joint replacement, Dr. Haas explained he is a big proponent of putting patients on comprehensive prehab programs and optimizing their pre-op nutritional status. This prepares the body for the trauma of major surgery and improves the ability to recover quickly. “Prehab is important because the better condition patients are in heading into surgery, the better condition they’ll be coming out,” he said.

Is it important for surgeons to understand and commit to an approach that prepares patients for same-day discharge. Dr. Haas has developed a surgical technique that involves operating through small incisions and eliminates the need to cut the quadriceps tendon, factors that limit post-op pain and help to prepare patients for same-day discharge.

The quality of care that patients receive in the weeks and months after surgery and the amount of work they put into their rehab regimens are essential to ensuring they achieve the outcomes they expect. Digital platforms now allow patients to follow prescribed physical therapy programs at their convenience and from the comfort of their homes. HSS launched a telehealth physical therapy program prior to the COVID-19 pandemic for select patients, but has since expanded its use. Patients go home, get online and work with a physical therapist remotely. HSS plans to expand the remote rehab program over the coming year and study its impact on post-op results.

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