08:04 AM

Rheumatology Health Educators Educate & Empower Patients

The Rheumatologist interviews health educators including Robyn Wiesel, MCHES and Titilayo Ologhobo, MPH, Public and Patient Education at HSS, to learn how they work with rheumatologists to achieve quality outcomes and provide excellent care to patients with rheumatic diseases.

Wiesel explained health educators work with chronic pain patients to explore treatment alternatives to opioids. “We recently completed a study that showed how complementary practices, such as meditation and mindful breathing, can help patients manage their chronic pain and, in some cases, minimize their need for medications such as opioids,” she said. “Our study demonstrated that alternative approaches were effective in reducing pain and stress and improving self-management and general well-being.”

Health educators also study the needs of specific patient populations and design health messages and programs to address them. Ologhobo uses community surveys and assessments to identify problems and address issues important to HSS patients and community members with musculoskeletal and rheumatic conditions. “By understanding the needs of the community, we can identify gaps in care and any health disparities,” said Ologhobo. “We also build meaningful relationships with community organizations to design programs that offer self-management skills and positive health outcomes.”

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