17:20 PM

Returning to a sport after injury is a mental game. Here’s how to do it.

The Washington Post discusses the mental aspects of returning to a sport after an injury and includes guidance from Julia M. Kim, PhD, clinical psychologist at HSS. 

Dr. Kim said, no matter its source, fear needs to be addressed if athletes are going to return to their sport. She explained, “If you’re afraid, you’re afraid. If you’re not going to acknowledge it, you’re not going to address it and soothe it. But if you acknowledge it, then you can choose how you want to act.”

Dr. Kim recommended finding alternative activities as outlets for stress, beyond a sport if necessary.

“We should all have several ways in our tool kit on how to cope with stress. Because if you take one away, let’s say you’re sidelined, then what? And typically, we actually need several backups,” she noted.

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