18:33 PM

Research and teaching keep health systems on the cutting edge, says hospital leader

Becker’s Spine Review interviews Steven K. Magid, MD, chief medical information officer and rheumatologist at HSS, about the top ways healthcare institutions can spur consistent growth in a recent episode of “Becker's Healthcare Spine and Orthopedic Podcast.”

Dr. Magid explained, “So what caused HSS to be great and remain great, they're the same things. You have to hire the best and the brightest. You need to be involved in research, teaching and in clinical work. They're so interdependent and push us to the next level. If you don't do research, you don't understand what's important and on the cutting edge. If you don't teach, you don't keep yourself on the cutting edge. And if you're not holding yourself to high standards clinically, then you're nowhere.”

He continued, “You need to be metric driven because you could think you're doing a great job and you're not, or you could be measuring the wrong things. And that's something we have through the years been much more attuned to, and that's of course integrally related with what IT and CMIOs and CIOs do. The other thing is never be satisfied with the status quo. What worked and what we considered a great goal a year ago is not a great goal now and shouldn't be, so we're always raising the bar and our expectations.”

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