12:12 PM

Radiology residents need more hands-on MRI education

HealthImaging.com spoke to experts including Philip G. Colucci, MD, radiologist at HSS, about how dedicating more time to MRI-specific training beyond the standard curriculum improves radiology residents’ confidence and understanding of the modality. 

In a paper published in Academic Radiology, Dr. Colucci and his colleagues discussed the impact of supplementary education and how it could be beneficial for filling in learning gaps that are common in standard MRI curriculum. 

“Teaching this material primarily through didactic lectures remains a standard approach despite known limitations. A focused and more holistic, “hands-on” approach to MRI education may help many residents meet, or exceed, the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) Diagnostic Radiology Milestones,” the team indicated. 

“Benefits of improved MRI education may lead to better communication, more consistent optimization of MRI image quality, and improved patient care," said Dr. Colucci.  

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