09:04 AM

Preventing and treating unexpected orthopedic trauma injuries

The Palm Beach Post’s “Ask the Expert” column features Nicholas Sama, MD, orthopedic trauma surgeon at HSS Florida, discussing the prevention and treatment of unexpected trauma injuries.

Dr. Sama explained maintaining a healthy level of strength and balance through a home-exercise program is important. For patients who have persistent unsteadiness, the use of assistive walking aids such as a cane or walker should be a part of their daily routine.

For more active people who participate in sporting activities (i.e., golf, tennis, baseball etc.), a warmup and cool-down program is critical in reducing injuries. If riding a bike or participating in impact sports, the use of protective gear, such as a helmet and padding for arms and legs is a necessity.

Dr. Sama advised in the event one suffers from a traumatic injury, it is important to recognize that the treatment of fractures is in and of itself a specialty field. He underscored the importance of seeking out an orthopedic surgeon with expertise in the treatment of traumatic injuries for the best recovery and results.

This article appeared in print on February 14, 2021.