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Muscle & Fitness interviews Matthew Accetta, MS, ACSM-CEP, CSCS*D, CSPS, exercise physiologist at HSS, who provided tips for training in cold weather including the importance of warmup exercises, ideal clothing, common injuries, injury prevention and more.

“Warmup exercises, prior to training in the cold weather, provide a great benefit as they increase core and muscle temperature, increase neurological and muscle activation, as well as increase blood flow and oxygen uptake,” explained Accetta. “Bodyweight exercises such as squats, walking lunges, high knees, and planks are great to include. These exercises help to raise body temperature, increase range of motion and lower your injury risk.”

When it comes to clothing, Accetta said, “The layer closest to the skin should be tight and moisture wicking… but not too tight that it restricts blood flow. The next layer should provide insulation to preserve body heat. And, the outer-most layer should allow for ventilation and moisture to transfer especially if conditions are windy or raining. Gloves and extra socks should be worn to keep the hands and feet warm. A hat or headband is also a great to keep the heat from radiating and escaping from head and ears.”

“The most common injuries associated with cold weather training are muscle strains and joint sprains,” shared Accetta. “These often occur when a proper warmup does not take place and the joints and muscles don’t have a chance to regain some elasticity, remaining tight and restricting your motion.”

Accetta cited, “A lot of times people don’t allow for ample recovery time between training sessions. This can lead to overuse injuries. They often push through those nagging injuries. Also, many times people don’t take the time to warm up and cool down properly.”

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