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Post-Joint Replacement Sex: a Guide to Getting It On Safely After Surgery

U.S. News & World Report featured HSS hip and knee surgeon Jose A. Rodriguez, MD, who addressed when patients could typically resume sexual activity after surgery.

According to a recent survey, Dr. Rodriguez found that most patients and doctors don't discuss sex after joint replacement surgery, despite the fact that for many it's a key consideration when they decide to undergo hip or knee surgery.

"We know that just like most movement is painful before surgery, and in the overwhelming majority of cases that movement is made markedly less [painful or] not painful after surgery, it affects both their non-sex and their sex life meaningfully," Dr. Rodriguez said.

"With hip surgery performed through a posterior approach… you shouldn't bring your hip up towards your chest, or rotate the knee inwards toward the middle of the body beyond 90 degrees. The reason is that when a posterior approach is performed, the ligaments that hold the hip in place are cut and repaired; and so until that tissue heals, that risk is there," he added.

Additionally, Dr. Rodriguez noted that "for a knee, or for an anterior approach hip [replacement], most surgeons will say when you feel comfortable, you can return to sexual activity."

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