12:02 PM

The no-excuses guide to running for non-runners

New York Post uncovers common excuses used to avoid running and counters them with advice from experts.

Some say their feet (i.e., heels, toes, arches and ankles) hurt. “Your feet have tiny muscles that help support and stabilize your arch. So if you’re new to running, those muscles, just like all muscles need to be trained appropriately,” explained Patrick Vignona PT, MSPT, SCS, Cert MDT, physical therapist at HSS. To avoid foot pain, Vignona advised to not cover too much ground right away. “If you build up too much too quick, you will likely get injured,” he cited.

Additionally, to reduce the strain on the hips and knees, Vignona advised to shorten your stride while running and foam-rolling the lower body, daily.

Read the article at NYpost.com. This article also appeared in print on January 14, 2020.