21:03 PM

Patient Care During COVID-19, with Louis A. Shapiro of HSS | EDB 215

Different Brains features a video interview with HSS president and CEO Louis A. Shapiro, discussing patient care during COVID-19, the mantra and patient experience at HSS. 

Mr. Shapiro explained, “We’re [HSS] on a journey to be better than we were yesterday, or last year, or the year before. And remembering that there are a few ingredients as part of that journey. One is that culture, it is a strategy that allows organizations to attain a level of performance that is otherwise unattainable. So, what is it about the culture of an organization that allows you to attract and retain the very best people? You create an environment that gives them what they need to do their job. It allows them to participate in leading the organization alongside of you. And I think being purpose-driven. Either we’ve been lucky and have been consistent with our performance long before I got here and since I came here, or I think we found some of the ingredients that work whether you’re at an Orthopedic Hospital, a General Hospital or any kind of organization that is interacting it with the public in some way.”

“The patient needs to understand that they’re going to come here and they have a pretty good chance of getting the outcome that they want, that the right care is being delivered, the likelihood of something going awry is lower here than anywhere else, and the patient experience speaks for itself,” said Mr. Shapiro. “Every step of the process needs to be excellent and without friction. And we’re nowhere near as good as we need to be, but we’re getting better every day,” he added. “Everyone you [the patient] interact with is treating you like an individual, is caring, is listening, is attending to your needs, is doing the right thing and minimizing the number of times you get any of those things wrong. It’s not a rocket science, but paying attention to the details. And it goes back to something that I think a lot of organizations could pay more attention to, with a lot do with the culture and how the individuals who work in the organization feel about being part of it and the role they play in allowing the organization to do what it does for patients,” noted Mr. Shapiro.

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