19:22 PM

Patellar morphology highly variable among knees with and without patella instability

Orthopedics Today highlights the perspective of HSS pediatric orthopedic surgeon Daniel W. Green, MD, MS, FAAP, FACS on study findings published in Orthopaedic Journal of Sports Medicine (OJSM), which found knees with and without patellar instability had highly variable patellar morphology, as well as minimal association between measurements of patellar morphology and trochlear dysplasia.

Dr. Green, who was not involved in the study noted, “Is a dysplastic trochlea always associated with a dysplastic or dysmorphic patella? In an Orthopaedic Journal of Sports Medicine [OJSM] article, investigators from Connecticut Children’s Medical Center recently analyzed 100 controls and 97 patellofemoral instability patients in an attempt to answer that question. They concluded that there was no significant differences in the majority of the patella morphology measurements between the control and the patella instability group.”

He added, “Their data fails to support a role of patella osseous morphology in patella instability patients, leading the authors to speculate that there should be little theoretical concern about development of a trochlea patella mismatch if a sulcus deepening trochleoplasty was performed.”

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