08:35 AM

Pain With Triceps Dips? Here's What Your Body Is Trying to Tell You

LIVESTRONG discusses the reasons why someone may experience pain when performing triceps dips (either modified or bodyweight) according to HSS physical therapist Jacopo Mattaini PT, DPT, MCSP and others.

The angle of the elbows will affect how much pressure is felt in the joints. “If you have pain in the elbows, it's likely that your elbows are pointed straight behind you, rather than flared diagonally behind you,” explained Mattaini. “Dipping in a straight-back position stresses your triceps tendon,” he continued. Over time, that can lead to elbow discomfort and pain. With enough repetition, you may develop tendonitis (tendon inflammation) or tendinopathy (a breakdown of collagen in the tendon).

Check to be sure the elbows are in an ideal position. They should flare 45 degrees from your sides when you lower into a dip, cited Mattaini. To make sure you’re getting it right, he suggested watching yourself do the exercise in a mirror or taking a video.

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