16:05 PM

Paige Bueckers injury: Experts explain tibial plateau fracture, recovery timetable and more

Connecticut Post discusses UConn Huskies guard Paige Bueckers’ tibial plateau fracture and experts weigh in on a typical recovery timetable, including HSS sports medicine surgeon Sabrina M. Strickland, MD, who did not treat Bueckers.

Dr. Strickland explained, “It’s basically, she’s breaking her leg with just running which is pretty uncommon. Typically, a broken bone, which is what a tibia plateau fracture is, is typically from some kind of trauma, like real trauma, not running on a basketball court and hyperextending your knee. ... Her knee hyperextended and then it looked like it, at least from the video, looked like it buckled and that force right there was too much for her bone and broke the bone.”

Strickland said the eight-week timeline released by UConn’s statement on Tuesday would likely entail Bueckers recovering by wearing a brace and on crutches.

“It must not be a particularly bad tibia plateau fracture because saying a tibia plateau fracture could mean that you get two plates and 20 screws or it could be that you’re just in a brace,” she added.

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