15:39 PM

Overcoming the Uncertainties of Living with Chronic Diseases like Lupus

Lupus Research Alliance discusses overcoming the uncertainties of living with chronic diseases like lupus and features guidance from Michael D. Lockshin, MD, rheumatologist at HSS.

Dr. Lockshin shared tips for patients to minimize uncertainty when navigating a lupus journey, such a picking a trustworthy physician and being an empowered patient.

He explained, “Since manifestations of lupus can change over time, find a physician with extensive expertise in lupus to coordinate your care – typically a rheumatologist – who has seen hundreds of people with lupus. While specialists focus on their area of expertise, the rheumatologist looks at the whole body and takes a long term view of your overall care.  He/she will bring in other medical specialists as needed, e.g. a nephrologist if you are experiencing kidney complications to lupus.”

Dr. Lockshin underscored the importance of communication for both patients and doctors.

He added, “Living life one day at a time is a great way to approach living with a chronic disease like lupus.”

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