18:49 PM

Office by Design

Karidel Modern Home Magazine discusses how to set up a beautiful home office space that is functional and healthy according to experts including Jon Cinkay, PT, body mechanics coordinator at HSS.

No matter the desk height, you’ll want to be sure the computer monitor is at eye level and ensure your arms are bent at 90 degrees when typing. This prevents the shoulders from hiking up to the ears, which can potentially cause neck and head pain, and allows you to avoid hunching over to view the screen. “When working with a laptop, you can use a couple of books, some reams of paper, or a laptop riser to raise your screen,” suggested Cinkay. “Then you can use a wireless keyboard and mouse to keep your arms, wrists and hands at an ideal height.”

Consider the placement of additional items such as cabinetry, shelving and even the printer. “Put the printer on top of the desk or on another piece of furniture so you don’t have to bend down and reach for it,” suggested Cinkay. “Be sure to have a footstool handy in case your cabinetry or storage is high.”

Avoid any light source hitting your screen and bouncing back toward you, noted Cinkay. “This can cause headaches,” he said, recommending overhead lighting for a home office.

Move around frequently, advised Cinkay. “Work for 20 to 30 minutes at a time, and then move around: Stretch, walk or do a couple of light exercises. This is the biggest trick to staying healthy while working from home, and [foregoing movement is] one of the main mistakes people are making right now.”

This article appeared in the Summer 2021 print issue.