19:41 PM

News: How Quarantine Is Affecting Toddlers

Parentology discusses how quarantine is affecting the health and development of toddlers and ways parents can help continue to develop language and social skills, according to experts including HSS speech language pathologists Elizabeth A. Gerosa Johnson M.S. CCC-SLP, C/NDT and Lindsay Macklin M.S. CCC-SLP, TSSLD.

Johnson cited despite the challenges and stress of raising a toddler during quarantine, families have managed to experience a number of positive effects. “For some families, the increased time spent together within the home during quarantine has in fact made them more connected and closer,” she noted. Some parents have even indicated that quarantine has actually supported growth in their child’s developmental language skills. “Children learn an abundance of language from familiar adults and children in their environment,” explained Johnson. “Therefore, additional family time together can provide a child with more opportunities to observe, practice, and learn new skills in their natural environment.”

Macklin added, “We won’t know the long-term effects that quarantining will have on a toddler’s speech and language development until further research has been conducted.” With that said, there are ways that parents can help toddlers continue to develop language and social skills right now. “By including kids in everyday activities, such as cooking and straightening up the play area, parents are naturally creating opportunities to build communication skills,” she continued.

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