08:02 AM

NCAA Reclassifies Lacrosse As Intermediate Risk For COVID-19 Spread

U.S. Lacrosse Magazine reports the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) has reclassified men’s and women’s lacrosse as sports with intermediate risk for COVID-19 transmission in its return-to-play guidelines, encouraging news especially as U.S. Lacrosse lobbies the NFHS, state and local authorities to do the same for boys’ lacrosse. The NCAA originally had classified lacrosse among sports with a high risk of COVID-19 transmission when it published the first edition of this document in July.

Experts including HSS sports medicine surgeon and chief medical officer of World Lacrosse Karen M. Sutton, MD offered her perspective on the guidance, stating, “Risks are inherent in any activity, but there’s no data to suggest that boys’ lacrosse should be included in the higher-risk category.” She continued, “The nature of the sport does not lead to prolonged periods of close contact. Players are constantly moving, don’t share equipment and the game is played outdoors.”

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