07:00 AM

Movement Matters

Centennial Media's Parenting special edition featured Magdalena Oledzka PT, DPT, MBA, PCS, c/NDT, director of CA Technologies Rehabilitation Center at HSS Lerner's Children's Pavilion, in an article about the importance of physical activity for children.

"Physical activity is beneficial for all ages, but for kids it's especially important. It stimulates growth; strengthens muscles; builds strong bones; boosts cardiovascular health; prevents obesity; and improves cognitive functions like memory, processing speed and attention," said Oledzka.

For infants, Oledzka recommended providing plenty of tummy time. "Take babies out of the bouncy seat, car stroller, swing and other containers and allow them to get on a mat on both their back and belly so they can start to practice rolling around," she noted.

Once children start attending school, Oledzka said "this is when it's more important than ever to keep promoting movement."

This article appeared in the 2018 print issue.