09:37 AM

MLB’s era of ‘load management’ is just getting started

Los Angeles Daily News reports on the idea of load management in MLB which is due to both injuries and the reliance on analytical data from front offices. The days of starting pitchers pitching 250 innings or position players playing all 162 games seem to be over.

“Just like any athletic endeavor, or your own training, if you go too hard too often, you start to go backwards instead of forwards," explained David W. Altchek, MD, sports medicine surgeon at HSS. "It’s a challenge because you have to let these athletes recover. Nobody has a scientific measure of how much recovery they need, or don’t need. We tend to base it individually on past history.”

Dr. Altchek also noted that while teams are collecting a lot of biomechanical data on players, it's unclear what actions to take with the data. 

“Everyone’s more in a measurement phase than an execution phase,” Dr. Altchek concluded. “Nobody really knows yet. We’re more in a data-collection phase, the first inning of this sport science phenomenon.”

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