14:35 PM

Little-Used Fitness Measure Could Be Key to Exercise Results

WebMD reports on a recent study at Brigham Young University suggesting doctors prescribing exercise plans might be the key to helping individuals achieve their health goals. Jordan D. Metzl, MD, sports medicine physician at HSS, who was not involved in the study, commented on its findings and the medicinal value of exercise. 

“We’ve known for centuries that exercise is part of the way to develop a healthy and long life,” said Dr. Metzl. "But it’s only in the past 70 years that we’ve recognized the medicinal value of exercise.”

Dr. Metzl helped develop an annual seminar teaching medical students ways to prescribe exercise that go beyond the guidance of “30 minutes per day”. However, doctors and other health care professionals often struggle to prescribe exercise to prevent or treat disease. “The drug of movement is one of the safest and most effective forms of preventive health,” noted Dr. Metzl. “We need to get the medical community fully engaged in prescribing exercise for their patients.” 

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