18:32 PM

HSS chief innovation officer: The importance of integrating culture, novelty and commercialization into all service lines

Becker’s Hospital Review reports Leonard Achan, RN, MA, ANP, chief innovation officer at HSS, has been instrumental in the Hospital’s efforts to improve patient care and experiences.

Becker’s Hospital Review spoke to Achan to discuss his experiences as chief innovation officer and how he anticipates his role to evolve. Achan cited, “I am most proud of the increasing integration of the thinking and culture of innovation and commercialization into all services and verticals throughout the organization, in the form of shared leadership, shared responsibility, and shared advocacy.” Achan explained that HSS has a long history of being innovative leaders in the field and cutting edge, and his team’s desire to share that with the world at scale, to ensure others can benefit from this expertise.

Forward looking at how his role will evolve per the ongoing changes in healthcare, Achan noted, “I often think of my charge as having a double bottom line that includes our mission and commitment to serve patients and the community through ideation, and by doing this, we have the secondary benefit of commercialization revenue to continue to support those efforts. While innovation may mean “all of the above” here at HSS, I do believe that the investment sector within the provider organizations will become more developed and sophisticated as thought leadership groups, like the Strategic Ventures Group that I am a member of, continue to develop best practices for supporting the future healthcare ecosystem with investments. I also see the focus on what is today called innovation evolving to become more focused on commercialization, which to me is very different.”

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