18:28 PM

Knee joint distraction with marrow stimulation may improve outcomes for advanced knee OA

Orthopedics Today reports on study findings published in Knee showing knee joint distraction combined with marrow stimulating techniques significantly improved clinical and radiographic outcomes among patients with advanced knee osteoarthritis.

HSS limb lengthening surgeon Austin T. Fragomen, MD, who was not involved in the study, shared his perspective on the clinical implications.

 Dr. Fragomen said, “I read this article by Nobuo Adachi, MD, PhD, and colleagues on knee joint distraction arthroplasty paired with stem cell therapy with great interest as our limb lengthening and complex reconstruction service at Hospital for Special Surgery has one of the largest experiences with ankle distraction arthroplasty. Joint distraction is a non-prosthetic arthroplasty, biologic solution for knee osteoarthritis that harnesses the body’s own ability to regenerate tissue.”

He underscored, “Joint distraction will find a more mainstream role in the management of osteoarthritic joints as articular cartilage restoration techniques evolve. The two methods will likely have a synergy greater than current bone marrow applications.”

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