11:04 AM

Just 22 Minutes of Activity Offsets Increased Mortality Risk from Prolonged Sitting

Healthline reports that a new study finds 22 minutes of vigorous exercise can reduce mortality risk linked to sitting. Carl M. Cirino, MD, orthopedic surgeon at HSS says there are important underlying takeaways for practitioners and patients.

“We all live busy lives, we’ve kind of moved from the hunter-gatherer nomadic lifestyle, to living in nice apartments and homes with lights and electricity, and, you know, all the luxuries that we don’t have to, go out and be as active as we had to be hundreds of years ago,” Dr. Cirino said. “This study defines what amount of time is beneficial for people to lower their mortality risk, and to break it down into a really robust scientific method, I think was a really important endeavor.”

Dr. Cirino says that he often finds that some people lose access to their preferred activities after surgery and that this study could help him as they identify what activity meets their health goals while also keeping them safe.

“The person who I see as a shoulder and elbow surgeon, they’re interested in tennis singles, they’re interested in pickleball,”Dr. Cirino said. “They’re interested in some other sort of overhead activity or sport. This study will help me guide them better to some of the other activities that they can do.”

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