10:50 AM

Why Strengthening Your Ankles Actually Matters

POP SUGAR reports building strength in the ankles will decrease the risk of injury and will allow you to move more efficiently, according Jason Machowsky RD, CSSD, RCEP, CSCS, exercise physiologist at HSS.

“Your ankles are comprised of a variety of muscles and ligaments that are used to absorb forces and propel your body when walking, running, changing direction, jumping, and hopping," explained Machowsky. “Having weak ankles can compromise performance and increase risk of injury of these activities."

Machowsky also recommended ankle-strengthening exercises to add to your warmup and within your leg workout routine. “Easier versions can be done as part of your warmup to get the muscles active,” said Machowsky. “More challenging versions can be done as a secondary leg exercise after your primary leg exercises so you don’t prematurely fatigue the ankles for harder activities – i.e., jumping squatting, deadlifting," he noted. 

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