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Isaiah Thomas ready to contribute to an NBA roster after undergoing a hip procedure five months ago

ESPN reports two-time NBA All-Star guard Isaiah Thomas is ready to return to basketball following his hip resurfacing procedure five months ago performed by HSS hip and knee surgeon Edwin P. Su, MD.

Thomas' hip was bone-on-bone, resulting in relentless pain and the favoring of his right side which constantly compromised his balance. “Before the surgery, you could see he was clearly favoring his right side; and that it was painful," said Dr. Su. "It was natural to avoid pushing off and landing off [the left]. Four months post-op, we are seeing higher loads and seeing symmetry between the right and left." Dr. Su added, “Now, he's playing like he's eight months out from surgery, not just four. He's such a hard worker. He's moving quickly, and able to jump and pivot."

Dr. Su has routinely executed a hip resurfacing procedure on patients, including professional athletes, but Thomas was a far different case: younger, athletic and trying to restore a level of explosiveness that would allow him to compete with the best athletes in the world. The surgery included a unique kind of artificial joint to account for Thomas' age and need to regain movement. "The goal was to give him a smooth joint surface so he doesn't feel pain and has better mobility," explained Dr. Su. "We have more confidence for athletes like Isaiah to get back to full activity."

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