08:50 AM

Is there a role for biologics in the treatment of elbow injuries in athletes?

Orthopedics Today discusses the role of biologics, such as platelet-rich plasma (PRP), in treating elbow injuries of overhead athletes and includes perspective from Scott A. Rodeo, MD, sports medicine surgeon at HSS.

According to Dr. Rodeo, there are some limited data to support a possible use of biologic agents for elbow conditions. He explained the most common elbow problems in athletes are attritional soft tissue injuries due to repetitive use.

He continued, “Symptoms associated with these conditions are often due to the associated inflammatory response and blood-based agents, such as PRP, may have a positive role via their production of immunomodulatory and anti-inflammatory mediators. In this way, these substances can be “symptom modifying,” but there are little data to suggest that they are “structure modifying,” i.e., that they can stimulate regeneration/healing of structurally normal tissue.”

Dr. Rodeo added that variability in the underlying cellular and molecular pathology in the injured tissue and variability in mechanical stimulation of the healing tissue could also affect clinical and patient outcomes.

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