14:18 PM

Is It Normal To Yawn When I’m Working Out?

Well + Good discusses what happens to the body when yawning during workouts and shares guidance from experts including Chelsea Long, MS, CSCS, TPI, exercise physiologist at HSS.

Long explained, “Yawning has been linked as a physiological response to higher brain temperatures. The moments before and after a yawn are thought to promote a better temperate climate in the brain.”

She said everybody has a different response to increases in body temperature and dissipates heat differently. “Some individuals are heavy sweaters, or they turn bright red or purple instead of sweating,” she added.

According to Long, “Yawning doesn’t seem to be correlated to a lack of safety or signify a big health concern, but taking note of how you’re feeling and what your breathing mechanics are could help stimulate a better brain cooling mechanism.”

However, if the yawning is recurring and bothersome, utilizing a forehead ice pack, wiping sweat with towels, drinking cooler water, and being well-hydrated for a workout could help.

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